China Eastern Engine-Cover Trouble Forces Emergency Landing – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Images of a gaping hole on the engine cowling of a China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-200 hit Chinese social media on Monday, following the plane’s emergency landing in Australia.

The crew of the flight from Sydney to Shanghai reported problems with the plane’s left engine shortly after takeoff on Sunday night.

The plane returned to Sydney airport and landed safely, with no reported injuries. Pictures posted by passengers on Chinese social media showed that a large section of the cowling on the jet’s Rolls-Royce Trent 772 engine had been either burned or torn away.

China Eastern confirmed the incident on its own social-media account, and praised the crew for acting decisively and ensuring the safety of those on board.

A Rolls-Royce spokesperson said the company was aware of the incident and “working closely with our customer and relevant partners to understand the cause of the issue.”

The Airbus A330-200 typically carries around 250 passengers. China Eastern didn’t say how many people were on Sunday’s flight.

In February, a China Eastern flight from London to Shanghai was forced to divert to an airport in Russia after experiencing engine trouble.