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Setting the Mood for Food: “Tasty Tunes” Event Features Choreographed Meals

Customers can eat to the beat at Union restaurant in Pasadena, with tunes ranging from Billy Joel to Prince.

Union restaurant in Pasadena presented meals choreographed to pre-set music on wireless headphones, featuring artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Prince.

Customers at Union, a fine-dining restaurant in Pasadena, California, eat to the beat in a unique promotion called Tasty Tunes.

As Restaurant Hospitality reports, Union recently offered one-seating, three-course, prix-fixe meals choreographed to pre-selected music delivered on wireless headphones. The goal is to create an enhanced dining experience for customers who have more entertainment options than ever before.

Union chef and co-owner Bruce Kalman said he sets the soundtrack to fit the speed of the meal. “The beginning of the meal usually starts slow, so we started with mellow music, such as Billy Joel and Marvin Gaye.” The second course picks up the tempo, with “some feel-good California soul, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Prince.

“This type of event puts the focus on the food, not all of the background noises around you,” Kalman told Restaurant Hospitality. “By laughing and smiling and head-bopping, they’re not necessarily talking, but they’re keeping their focus on the music and the food.”

The first Tasty Tunes event took place in March and proved so successful that more are in the works. Setting dinner to music created a convivial atmosphere with an enhanced sense of community. “Instead of everyone keeping to themselves, there was more of a social scene amongst the diners, even though they were strangers beforehand,” said Jason Gaulton of HUSHconcerts, a San Francisco “silent-disco” production company that provided the mood-setting tunes.  At one point, the guests even formed a conga line. “It set a looser tone than a normal night at a restaurant, and everyone was on their feet dancing by the end of it.”

This article appears in the May 2017 issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine

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