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Pizzeria Locale is Textbook Example of a Successful Pizza-Making Class Promotion

“Dough from Scratch” classes earn TV and online media coverage for chain’s stores in Kansas City area.

A group of business professionals get a crash course in dough-making at Pizzeria Locale.

Pizzeria Locale, a small chain with locations in Denver, Cincinnati and Kansas City, Kansas, could teach a masters-level course in free publicity. The company has turned a fairly standard promo—pizza-making classes for the community—into a major PR opportunity.

Pizzeria Locale recently scored coverage by two media outlets, including Fox4KC, in less than one week. To catch the TV station’s eye, Chris Deperalta, who oversees multiple Pizzeria Locale locations in the Kansas City metropolitan area, led a group of students from Children’s Therapy Services through the process of making their own pizza dough. Many of the children in the class receive therapy for conditions ranging from developmental delays to autism. The “Dough from Scratch” class was part of their touch-based therapy called the Messy Play Movement, which stimulates and develops young minds using touch training—and allows the kids to get as messy as they want to be in the process.

A few days earlier, Deperalta and his team at the Corbin Park location were featured on the community- and family-focused website, macaronikid.com, when a group of local business owners sat in on the “Dough from Scratch” class. “After making my pizza crust, I was thrilled to NOT have to eat it,” the article’s author wrote. “Instead, we ordered off the yummy menu. The group enjoyed tasty salads, a variety of freshly made pizzas, soft drinks, wine and a surprise dessert pizza. The group all had rave reviews and positive comments on the cleanliness, contemporary and relaxing atmosphere, superb customer service and fabulous prices.”

Pizzeria Locale started out as a single-unit operation in Boulder. Colorado, before taking on Chipotle as a partner in 2011.

This article appears in the May 2017 issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine

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